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Training for your next triathlon, Amazing locations & accommodation, Running, cycling and swimming sessions.

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Beautiful & demanding running, cycling and swimming tours, Explore and enjoy Las Terrenas and their surroundings, Pleasant and challenging experience.


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Training Plans

Running, triathlon, ultras or trail? We help you to achieve your goals, Personal 1 to 1 Coaching.

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In Minimuri we are dedicated to help you achieve your personal goals by improving your quality of life, through good eating habits and personalized training plans for Triathlon (all distances including Ironman), Marathon, Trail Running and Ultradistance racing.

Our healthy holidays aren’t just about keeping fit; we can tailor your holiday to suit your needs; including daily yoga & pilates classes, trail running, TRX, functional training, open water swim, bike road, etc,. so you can warm-down after a training to keep your body fresh. Keeping healthy is the key to improving your fitness levels; help your muscles recover with healing massages so you can keep going faster for longer. Whether you need a kick-start on the road to fitness, or want to keep up your active lifestyle on holiday, we have the perfect destination for fitness fanatics and Triathlon lovers.

23Years Experience
200People Trained
200000km Trained



Tritraining! We take care of the optimum balance between training, nutrition and relaxation. Come, get comfortable and enjoy while we take care of everything.

Running, cycling and swimming sessions carefully designed, magnificent facilities and coaching available. Run in jungle trails or along the beach, swim in the Caribbean ocean and ride your bike on a planned route with accompanying staff that provides your every need.

Excellent accommodations, amazing locations, personalized menu options by nutritionist and chef, eat delicious organic meals every day, options of rehab and more!

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Training Tours

We invite you explore and enjoy Las Terrenas and their surroundings from a totally different point of view. Minimuri takes you to enjoy the most beautiful and challenging landscapes and spots in Las Terrenas, whether running, swimming or cycling.

We offer to adventurous guests the chance to take part in some adrenalin-fuelled excursions including ocean swimming, kayaking and extreme mountain running and cycling.

Triathletes can join the running local club with a choice of routes including a 12km (19.2mile) run  or 19km (30 mile) & if you are tough runner our really hard trail of 30km with stunning views of the coast.

Open Water Swimming

In Las Terrenas, Samaná Peninsula has an amazing beaches for enjoy of the beauty and tranquility for open water swimming. The Caribean sea varies along the year so it is always better to go with a professional team that will take care of your safety and will wide you through your training session.

Sometimes we have some current on the ocean and sometimes the water is calm and really clear so that is why we design or sessions by time rather than distance.

You can choose the length of the training session

45 min

1 Hour

1.5 Hour

Road Cycling

Come and join us for a cycling ride along Samana province. And enjoy the terrific views from the road with a very demanding routes.

El Catey (52 km)

Nagua (85 km)

Samana (100 km)

Las Galeras (160 km)

Trail Tours

Each trail route has a particular taste of the area. You will have to be well trained to participate because you will find short but stipe hills, rocky and slippery technical downhills. The mud will get take the best from you. But the views you will see and the experience you will have are only allowed for the adventurous athletes.

We will take care that you are well hydrated and that you have a pleasant and challenging experience.

Three different trail routes that range from 19 to 44 kms with different levels of sports difficulty. We guarantee you’ll have fun but a good challenge as well.

Trail Run by the Sea (12 km)

Epic Las Terrenas Run Half (19 km)

Epic Las Terrenas Run (30 km)

Ruta del Café (44 km)

Training Plans


If you are a runner, it does not matter how many kilometers you have run, if you would like to run your first half marathon, if you go for your 5 marathon and want to lower your time, or if you like trail running and want to venture into the world of the ultramarathon and You do not know how to modify your training, please write to us.

With over 15 years coaching experience and more than 20 years racing.

Sometimes it is hard to deal
with all the aspects of life.
Our training plans are
designed in a way you can
put everything in balance


Also if you want to make your first triathlon, or if you want to improve your time in your ironman environment, or if you want to arrive in one piece in your first ironman, also write to us, we will be very happy to share the path to achieve your goals.


Are you looking for a training plan that you can follow and want to have communication with your coach?

  • Our training plans are easy to follow,
  • Supported with videos,
  • Weekly tip video,
  • Coaching consultation before you start,
  • Coaching consultation before your event.


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