An adequate diet is one of the best ways to promote health and well-being, both physically and emotionally. The most appropriate diet is one that considers all the conditions that define us as people immersed in a specific culture, with specific eating habits, tastes, customs and ideals, with different physical activity and lifestyles.

We believe that the correct nutrition, assessment and monitoring of an expert are the basis for enjoying good health and better performance in any field of day to day. It is necessary to adjust the feeding to the energy, protein, water and micronutrient requirements, according to the type of exercise that is practiced.

You know that nutrition is crucial for your performance.

-                What do I have for breakfast?

-                Should I eat something before a training session?

-                How much hydration does my body needs?

Every athlete is different so we offer personalizes nutrition plans can help you plan your nutrition and prevent bonking, dehydration, stomach problems and thereby optimize your performance can plan for training as well as for races and can be used for running, triathlon and cycling lets you personalize your nutrition plan.


Hydration is extremely important. An athlete who is not fully hydrated is forcing his or her body to work at less than full capacity, especially during physical activity. Always under our supervision, follow-up and personalized attention.


Sweat rate calculations determine how much fluid an athlete should consume during a training session by calculating the amount of fluid that is expelled through sweat during exercise. Sweat rate is specific to the discipline being tested, so athletes should conduct this test for swimming, biking and running.

Isostar Desert Marathon, Starter 45km. 2011. Desierto de Los monegros Zaragoza, Spain.

The consultation includes:

Nutritional Status Assessment

General health questionnaire

Medical, personal and family history

Eating habits and habitual diet reminder

Sports history

Personal objectives

Calculation of healthy body weight

Sweat rate test

Nutritional Digestive Training (gut and gastric)

To get the best of the performance we realize a body composition test by bioelectrical impedance (mBCA-520 of SECA):

The unique measuring mat with seca mBCA 525 gives us all of the required parameters such as fat mass, muscle mass and body water in a fully self-sufficient way.

% fat mass

% muscle mass

Distribution of muscle mass by body segments

Basal and total energy expenditure

Total body water

Extra and intracellular water

Phase angle (general state of health)

Cardiometabolic risk (risk of 10-year cardiovascular disease)


As part of the consultation based on the clinical history we can request laboratory studies, for a better control of glucose, lipid profile, hepatic function, hemoglobine, etc,.

The results of the assessment will be given to the patient, which will include the nutritional diagnosis, a personalized nutrition  and hydration plan for a month, indications of what, how, when, to eat and the best way to hydrate and consume the gels and isotonic beverage during the trainings and competitions for a better performance and to achieve the sports and body composition goals.